Aims & goals of the Municipality
Olive groves reaching the crystalline waters of the Ionon Sea and hidden cloves with white sand will travel you in the genuine nature of Parga History and culture, mountain and sea, castles and villages, flavors and gastronomy.
In Parga, everything blends together along with the unique hospitality of the local people

Explore Municipality of Parga:
Unveiling Hidden Gems in Greece


Discovering Parga:
The Charm of Greece's Undiscovered Gem

Explore the gorgeous Greek city of Parga as you embark on an engaging quest. Visit historical sites, unwind on immaculate beaches, and get to know the people. Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime journey in this undiscovered jewel of the Ionian coast.

Exploring Fanari :
A Journey to Natural Beauty and Rich History

While exploring the Fanari region, set off on a fantastic journey. Enjoy stunning scenery, peaceful beaches, and historic ruins that evoke a bygone era. As you immerse yourself in this magical location’s natural beauty and fascinating history, uncover the hidden gems that make it so special.





Forms of tourism

Hiking Tourism

Parga is a destination suitable for hikers as the Venetian olive grove, the imposing hills around the...
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Archaeological / Cultural Tourism

There are many and remarkable monuments and sights in Parga, which are of important archaeological character....
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Adventure Tourism

The municipality of Parga has the advantage of being close to the river Acheron which is considered by...
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Diving Tourism

Parga is a real diving paradise.   The calm waters are ideal for beginners and also provide cave and...
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Religious / Cultural Tourism

The most important religious monuments of Parga include the church ofAgios(Saint) Nikolaos, patron saint,...
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Sea / Sports Tourism

The municipality of Parga contains a large number of beaches where it can engage in maritime activities....
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Wedding Tourism

The island of Panagia, just opposite Parga, was for years a classic wedding destination and still remains...
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Wellness tourism

The goal of wellness tourism is the mental health and peace of the visitors, the self-improvement and...
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All the beauties of this land: mountains, sea, rivers, beaches, monuments and myths, compressed and distilled into one magical place, easy to reach and exciting to explore