Aims & goals of the Municipality

Olive groves reaching the crystalline waters of the Ionon Sea and hidden cloves with white sand will travel you in the genuine nature of Parga History and culture, mountain and sea, castles and villages, flavors and gastronomy; in Parga, everything blends together along with the unique hospitality of the local people

Aims & goals of the Municipality The Municipality of Parga has the opportunity to develop alternative forms of tourism in order to adapt to the new demand of tourism but also to cope with the competitiveness with other municipalities.

The development of alternative forms of tourism is linked to the protection of the local culture as well as the cultural and natural environment of the place.

Therefore, the most important goal is to reposition the tourism product that is being developed in the area.

Finally, archeological / cultural and hiking tourism are the types of alternative forms of tourism that are developing to a significant degree and must continue to be enriched and maintained..

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The Best Things to Do in Parga, Greece

Discovering Parga: The Charm of Greece's Undiscovered Gem
Explore the gorgeous Greek city of Parga as you embark on an engaging quest. Visit historical sites, unwind on immaculate beaches, and get to know the people. Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime journey in this undiscovered jewel of the Ionian coast.
Exploring Fanari Region: A Journey to Natural Beauty and Rich History
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Forms of tourism
The best reasons to visit Parga according to our guests

Almost like an island

This is a small town that indeed looks like an island. Lovely waterfront for the adults to walk and for the children to ride a bike. Excellent food, although I must say that the restaurants didn't have some special recipe to present, just the typical Greek dishes.


Nice and cozy

We spent Easter in Parga, a lovely and cozy town in Western Greece. As it was my first time there, I was happy to discover a new Greek town.


Everything we wanted from a holiday

The people are friendly. The food is good value. The seafood is amazing. Restaurants stay open late.


Gorgeous Greek Getaway

Beautiful traditional Greek village where you will find holiday apts amongst locally living town people, very quaint with lots of tavernas and coffee bars to chose from.


A secret GEM!

Parga? Not a single colleague in staff room had heard of Parga, but what a hidden gem it is!! Located on mainline Greece and 45mins from Preveza Airport it is a marvellous place to spend a well earned break. The pictures on Google speak for themselves but it is honestly a stunning resort.


A white town between the mountains

Just an excellent place for a romantic vacation. A tiny and beautiful village. Teenagers can wonder around safely and lot of nice places to view and explore. We were running and hiking on the mountains in the mornings. Beautiful olive forests, many rivers and lot of flowers. Necromadeon, Acheron river and the monument of zuli are worth to see.


Our little piece of Heaven

We have just returned from a glorious two week vacation in Parga.Where the people are as warm as the climate.A small town where the old meets the new and the ancient meets the modern.There is something for everyone young and old.They have resturants and music bars along the front with fantastic views of the small island which they light up at night


Parga My favorite place in Greece

Just back from our first visit to Parga. What a beautiful place. We chose Parga because of its wonderful walks. We purchased a book Walks in Parga by Lance Chilton,which proved to be an excellent choice. We did a walk most days which took us to stunning places. We did a walk from Valtos beach to Anthousa then to the castle.If you are not a walker the tourist train will take you all the way to castle.Wonderful walk to Lykhnos beach and another to Sarakiniko beach, wonderful views not easy walks but very enjoyable. Non walkers can go to both beaches by water taxi.


Paradise for hiking

Parga has all you need for summer vacations plus it is a paradise for hiking, around the hills and the olive groves. We learned some amazing routes from Valtos to the old fortress of Ali Pasa in Anthousa. Valtos beach was my favorite


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Archaeological / Cultural