The most important religious monuments of Parga include the church ofAgios(Saint) Nikolaos, patron saint, and the churches of Agios (Saint)Apostolos, Agia(Saint)Eleni and Agios(Saint)Athanasios.

Lovers of religious tourism are attracted by the Byzantine monastery of Panagia ton Vlacherna, at Cape Heladio (Keladio), and the chapel of AgiosSostis, built in a rock crevice, on the homonymous beach.

Also, every year on the 15th of August, cultural events take place, the Pargina and the Canarias, which have a religious character. Greece is considered one of the most popular destinations in terms of its religious character because it contains a large number of churches. monasteries and religious events.

The visitor is given the opportunity to visit them but also to participate in the traditional religious celebrations.