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Walk through the beautiful streets of Parga


Before you do anything else, explore the pretty streets of Parga! Ideally in the morning or at the end of the day as the village is built on a hill, making it difficult to climb the streets in the summer heat.

DSC 0154
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Stroll through the narrow streets, discover the tiny Orthodox churches and look for the most beautiful views of Parga!

Church in Parga Greece
Pretty balcony
View over Parga
View over the islet of Panagiota
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Wander through the shops selling handmade leather shoes, soaps, wooden objects and stop at one of Parga’s bakeries to try some delicious local pastries.

Street and shops in Parga
Lovely street
Bakery in Parga
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Visit the Castle of Parga


Perched on the hill, the Castle of Parga dominates the city. Originally built in the 14th century by the Normans, the fortress has been through many changes: it was destroyed in 1537 by the Ottomans and then rebuilt a few decades later by the Venetians, before finally being restored by Ali Pasha in the early 19th century.

Castle of Parga

Today, only ruins remain, but one can imagine the history that took place here by walking through the impressive fortifications. The view of the coastline on either side of Parga from the top of the fortress is magnificent.


Beaches in Parga


With its turquoise sea and beautiful pebbles, the coastline along Parga calls for swimming! There are many beaches and coves along the coast, the best known being Krioneri, Piso Krioneri and Valtos, all three located in Parga itself. These can be reached on foot. Other beaches outside Parga are also worth a visit: Lichnos (4 kilometres away from Parga), Sarakiniko (12 kilometres) and Aï Giannakis (9 kilometres).

Krioneri Beach in Parga
Krioneri Beach
Valtos beach
Valtos Beach
Parga view over the beach

Swim to the islet of Panagia


Just across Krioneri beach is a charming little islet with a church. You can easily swim there and reach it in less than 10 minutes! The view of Parga and its pretty houses from there is worth it.

Panagia islet in Parga
DSC 7691

Ali Pasha’s Castle


Located a few kilometres above Parga, right outside the village of Anthoussa, Ali Pasha’s castle was built in 1814 with the aim of bombarding and then capturing Parga. Ali Pasha was then the governor of the Epirus region for the Ottoman Empire.

The view of the Ionian Sea from the castle is one of the most beautiful in the region, with a panorama of the islands of Paxi to the northwest and Lefkada to the southwest.

To get there, take the train of Parga which offers a 2-hour tour including a stop at Anthoussa. Alternatively, you can also hike to Ali Pasha’s Castle, it takes about 1 hour 45 minutes from Parga (around 5 kilometres).

In Anthoussa, stop at the Watermill Museum and walk to the beautiful waterfall.


Rent a boat


To discover the coast around Parga, go on a boat trip! There are many tours to the nearby beaches, I like how when on the sea you can appreciate the coastline from a different perspective. You can book your boat trip directly at the port or online right here.

What we like to do is to rent a small motorboat during one afternoon, so we are free to discover the coast at our own pace (also available directly at the port).

Renting a boat in Parga